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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


This pattern has some interesting characteristics and also has had numerous claims by so called hoaxers that they did it. Seems like those that are egotists want to put their name to most things when they did not do or have anything to do with it.


4 hours of darkness on a rainy night and no sign of mud on any stalks can only mean one thing.

Farmer checked the field early morning as usual and found pattern but was not there the night before.

1400feet across this one took up most of the field.

The interesting point with this one apart from its size is that each arc of each arm has a centre point of another arm in this case every fourth circle from the centre of each arm before it.

In this first geo diagram we see the initial layout of the basic rings so that the arcs of the arms can be calculated.

.The initial point to calculate the centre point of the arcs is done by measuring a line from the centre to the centre of the first ring as can be seen in this first diagram.

Then it is a simple case of using that point as a centre for the first ring and then using the same method the rest are done.

After that it is a simple case of placing the circles on the arcs as far as you wish until they all join as in the photo.


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