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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


Here we will be looking at both UFO phenomena as well as other issues that may occur from time to time.

Drones which are cloaked is one issue that we have a curious look at and also other alien issues of encounters such as government coverups etc.

If you have something that you think we would be interested in we have a policy of absolute discretion so any names are kept private if that is an individuals wish.

But please be made very aware of this! Dr Sherwood’s background in certain military aspects is such that he is not about to compromise his official secrets act he singed many years ago but does have an open mind to any and all issues that need to be discussed on a public level.

Dr Sherwood has had various encounters with other people on a government level and has developed an understanding in these areas regarding equal respect. To that end he has been shown certain documentation and artifacts by other shall we say secretive organizations that require further study. But also show a government connection to alien technology.

Dr Sherwood also has a very good and very distinctive relationship on a communicative level with alien intelligence and whether you believe this or not is of no consequence other than it has been proven in the past and other government agency are aware of this connection he has. This is another good reason why he is pretty much left alone to do the work and research he does in various countries around the globe.

If Dr Sherwood is releasing data on this section of the web site then please be assured that he has a good reason for it! And you cannot take it as questionable so all data is as it should be.

We all here at Rajon believe in free speech but we are also aware that some material is delicate and may only be slightly mention for any number of reasons but mainly for either security issues or others that may not be obvious at the time.

So we hope you enjoy this new section!

Data will be presented over the next few years as we have input!

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