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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


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Are the crop-circles of England messages from extra-terrestrials to mankind?

The most sophisticated technology available to man has yet to explain the appearance of the mysterious crop circles of England. Is it possible that these beautiful and intricate creations are the work of beings from another world?

Featuring fascinating eye-witness accounts, dramatic archive footage, rare photographs and images, and expert comment, this programme explores the history of the crop circle. It presents the latest chilling evidence that suggests that they could not have been made by man.

Why are some crop circles formed after large balls of colour beam their light into a field?

What are the chilling links with mysterious ancient structures such as Stonehenge and the pyramids?


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Dr Sherwood in the fields.


Graham McTavish


Dr. John Sherwood

Lucy Pringle

Paul Vigay

Andy Thomas

Tim Carson

Richard Hill

Script Written by

Kerry O'Regan

Dr. John Sherwood

Script Editor

Steve Gillham

Camera Operators

Dick Healy

Steve Flambert

Ross Bradley

Mark Ewart

Hesham Farouk

Ahmed Moustafa

Archive Footage With Kind Permission Of

ITN Archive

Four Corners Vision

Steve Flambert

Photographs With Kind Permission Of

Lucy Pringle

Busty Taylor


Dave Rogers

Special Thanks to:

Nigel Bishop & Crackley Woods

Bust Taylor

Lucy Pringle

Steve Flambert

Adrian Fairburn

And Very Special Thanks To
Dr. John Sherwood and Family

Produced by

Gavin Bott

Edited and Directed by

Chris Gormile

(c) Copyright 1993-2008 Rajon Publishing UK