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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


Over the years there have been many who have theorized about the crop circles to such a degree that they will see whatever they want within the designs and yet still persist in complex geometrical analysis of an energy system that in reality is extremely simple and does not need complex theorizing or analysis of any kind.

In any section of nature at any point in time you can find complex patterns that occur. To many they are fascinating impossibilities until we attempt to analyze them and we then try to fit our own understanding of physics and scientific principles into the equation in order to find a way to explain their occurrence and creation.

The more complex the analysis the more fascinated we become and yet who is to say that it is complex at all.

The Concord aircraft a thousand years ago would be complex to those living then because the scientific understanding of the time was not what it is today. For instance we now understand aerodynamics wereas back then a thousand years ago they would have said “Aero what?”

More amazed at the sight rather than the concept.

This same principle applies to the crop circles when we look at them. We are all caught up in the impressions they give rather than the conceptual analysis of what created it.

The problem of scientific principles today is that they can only explain what we see and not what we cannot see.

An example of this philosophy is the principle of energy transfer through communication.

As an example of this let’s look at an example:

Two plants both or the same breed, type etc.

If you place a lie detector on one of the plants and then cut a branch on the other the one with the detector reacts to the cut of the other.

This energy transfer process is not understood by modern science because they cannot see what causes it.


This same principle applies to the crop patterns.

They are there as we see them but how did they get there.

Pretty much every researcher today is caught up in the geometric analysis of the design itself and not the energy that put it there.

Some are man made yes. But most are not!

Analysing the geometric design and similarities in other areas such as nature solves nothing! All you do is place a label on an event that does not apply.

That’s like placing a theory on the reason why the concord flies back a thousand years ago. That theory will only be along the lines of your present understanding.

What if the crop patterns are trying to tell you something else like “Hey if you use this design in your architectural principles you will get  healthier buildings or Hey use this to understand the principles of enerhy communication over vast distances.

There is plenty more on this subject.

However! We must keep on track with the problem at hand! That is if we persist in staying with what we know rather than opening our minds to what we need to now then we will never know.

We all have to stop getting caught up in the beauty of the designs and getting into researching how we can both apply the knowledge of what they say as well as learn what they really are and how they got there.

Obviously the first place to start is the cause and not get caught up in the results.



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