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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


Shapes and sound are intricately linked and so forms a variety of geometric shapes relative to the strength of the sound much like Chladni figures that professor Chladni used back in Napoleons days.

In the attached files I have included 2 small clips from Professor Julius Sumner Miller which show how these figures form. IN the crop circles that form naturally the same type of mechanics will be operating on a much larger scale to the point of possible technological involvement on the landscape. Many people have actually experienced high pitched sound with UFO’s and in some cases as this sound occurred some people even grew a third set of teeth.

So as we research further into the dynamics of shape and sound we find far more than just the Chladni figures shown. But it is an excellent place to start for those wishing to learn more about the secret of crop circle patterns and the possible way that some are formed when not by hand.

I remember watching the Professor when I went to school and saw him on TV in the early days in Australia and wondered about the shapes even back then and thank him for the learning experience he gave to many and still does today!

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