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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


Thought and emotional impressions are relative to the energy within a crop circle pattern to such a degree that many people end up creating an experience purely from their own individual belief system. This is the creative imaginative power of the human mind at its best but also at its most dangerous as it also has the ability to create illusionary states which support a hypothetical belief system to such a degree that people actually feel what they believe from the own imagination. The experience seems extremely real to that individual and yet it is all within the realm of creative imagination.

I have personally read and watched numerous individuals who say they have experienced different situations within a crop circle and yet it has had no discerning qualities whatsoever. This therefore is considered to be with the realm of the above when certain people say they had a specific type of experience while in a certain pattern.

As our humanity is searching for truths it becomes enmeshed in a variety of belief systems which others manipulate according to the type of following they desire. This is done in such a way that it always has an emotional basis behind it and usually will follow the desires of others as to their own desires or needs. Many people need to have their own beliefs reinforced by someone who can authenticate them. This then increases the power the ones who are out for recognition or a following will have.

Manipulation of energy is wide and varied and I have seen a tremendous amount of it taking place just within the crop circle community since we were asked to investigate it in 1994.

To date we have kept this information until the time was right to reveal what we have found so far.

First impressions show a group of individuals who are dedicated to the cause of reality for the phenomena but as we dug deeper we also found corruption, manipulation, devious control of certain matters, domination of specific areas to stop healthy competition and more.

To say that this was disappointing would be an understatement for we now see that the commercial aspects of this are very great indeed. Both for the so called hoaxing fraternity as well as the so called genuine followers and believers in the phenomena.

Regarding the manipulation of events , this covers a wide area from films to actual arrival dates and locations of the patterns themselves to actual secretion of relevant important data that would assist others in progressing forward to government coverups! This covers both the private sector as well as government organizations such as CIA and MI5.

I can say this, the controlled public (certain crop circle organizations) deviousness puts the CIA & MI5 operations to shame!

Crop circles are impressions and have a hidden message built within their geometric shape. Some are real and some are not. They may have started out being totally real but now we have human intervention and that is the problem in analyzing the patterns in general as now we have the human equation to include in the dynamics of the patterns themselves. This means that if one is done by hand it will not only have a natural geometric energy force but also the human energy as well and it is this latter force that needs to be sifted out of the equation. This can be done but requires immense time and effort and a large understanding of human psyche. You then also need an understanding  how that energy will interplay on your own personal emotional belief system, because it can and will make you react but you will end up creating the experience and not the pattern itself which will have no effect.

Ever since September 11 people have basically been focusing more on emotional energy rather than spiritual energy and this is because of what took place, now the problem here is because people are focusing more on the emotional side of their existence because of those terrorist events it is making you get more in touch with your heart energy rather than your spiritual energy.

Now the spiritual energy has the strength and the ability to balance both forces, but if you are focusing more on the emotion then things become very unstable.

The secret behind the crop circles is for the people that go into them to experience the harmony of both. If you are only focusing on emotion, the only feedback you get will be emotional, it wont be spiritual. The spiritual context is a philosophical statement made in order to give you direction and purpose in your life. If you focus on emotion it is purely emotional based, stemming from your own personal feelings about the situation,  your own personal experience has nothing to do with overall humanity as a whole, it is your own personal experience that is dependent upon the life lesson that you are here, in other words the reason why you as an individual are where you are.

Now each crop circle pattern has the ability to focus both of those forces together if you allow it. If you are emotional based the only thing you will see is the emotional value within the pattern, because you are not allowing yourself to see the spiritual one. Now because of these events like September 11 you are going to find that people are going to be more emotionally orientated than spiritually orientated, and that is dangerous because that creates disharmony both within the humanity and also within the planet. Now the reason we say within the humanity is because every single human being is part of humanity, so you are part of the global humanity. So it is a bit like if you are one cell of the humanity and you are not getting it right you become like a disease to the rest of humanity, you can therefore effect humanity. So it is important to understand that each part of a crop circle whether it be man made or otherwise, how it gets there is not important, it is the message that is being portrayed as to its purpose as to why it is there in the first place. Communication can take many forms, it is human arrogance to think that you are the only intelligence on the planet and there are other forms that can put them down that are just as good. Humanity has the ability to create artistic shapes, styles, colors, a whole range of different things, so therefore you are a medium, and just like this form you can be used to get a message across.


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