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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


In order to fully understand how we calculate the dynamic energy within any design we have to use a process of variation in the geometric scale so the following has to be applied. As we have to backward engineer the designs to discover the harmonic tones that formed them it takes some doing.

You see when any design is formed a compatible tone pair is used. Professor Julius Sumner-Miller back in the 60’s showed that if a metal plate was used with 2 violin bows stroked on its side then a pattern formed in the small sandy particles on the plate.

For more complex patterns compatible pairs are used calculated from a matrix that gives us things like anti-gravity within the loop. In order therefore to discover the pattern of the matrix a formula has to identified.

When researching the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops at Giza in Egypt we found that a dynamic was constructed within its shape.

So let’s look at that first before we expand any further.

First we need to discover the 2 keys required to unravel the matrix.

Firstly after a marker appeared in the lower chamber after we had concluded a sounding chant sequence we had discovered we found that on the marker were 2 rows of 8 dots and 2 rows of 16 dots.

Now 8 or 16 groups is connected to binary code but we had 2 rows of each which meant 2 pairs of each.



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