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Geo mandalas

Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


Combinations of designs have power much like words have power and their ability to compel matter into form is dependent on compatibility and the right sequence. Its like forming power words that have purpose.

Each letter making up the word gives it power. So each crop circle design is the same as each letter within the word. So the correct combination provides the correct sequence thus the power is born.

Here for instance is a sample:


The power of a mandala is in the combinations used.

Through research we have done so far we have discovered many different combinations and the effects they produce are wide and very varied.

Many combinations do nothing at all so it is not just a random thing but rather a specific one.

The groupings can be in sets of 8,16,32,64,128.

Larger set types are still under research.

So let’s do a little background on this!

Thoth in Egypt and elsewhere had the power to compel matter into form using words of power. There are stories also of Merlin doing the same thing as well as others.

Even many successful entrepreneurs use the principle of positive mental attitude which in reality is combinations of words that have effect and hold power.

That’s in today’s modern world. However in the past the knowledge covering this topic was way more complex and thorough. To have the capacity to change matter into form which basically means transforming one element into another was nothing short of alchemy. Or if you like advanced science beyond what science currently understands.

When we did a trial exercise in the great pyramid back in 1992 we got what we expected and then some. Effects also occurred which we did not know existed and the results were startling to say the least. One thing is sure when we research ancient knowledge there is always more than first thought.

Here is what we were looking for and then what we got.

1. Sound coupling forms an energy helix which when used correctly forms a helix but can also be used to identify and locate one as well.

What we got was.

1. The sound coupling effect which made all light bilbs blow in the structure, Heat lamps flashed on and off like light bulbs which they are not normally capable of doing. We heard the helix or vortex of the pyramid actually spinning audible sound very physical.

2. Blocks were heard to be moving inside the wals of the structure. Very physical sound and load.

3. The entire structure had realigned as surveys were being done at the time and in some cases blocks were recorded to have moved by as much as 3 feet. The entire structure had realigned.

4. An anti gravity sequence was discovered.

5. An energy source was also discovered via the effects of the duality sounding being done.

6. A DNA link was discovered between the structure and humanity.

7. Metal objects had changed element as what was silver had changed to something else which was unidentifiable.

And this was all just for starters.

So when we say we are the only ones who know the secret of the crop circle designs and sacred geometry links we mean it!


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