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Geo language

Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


You know over the years we have seen many languages discovered the nearest to a geo artistic language would be the Heiroglyphic alphabet. Imagine what it would have been like if we did not have the Rosseta stone.!

Now we are embarking on the discovery of one of the most fascinating languages of modern times. Geo language. The art of understanding the hidden knowledge that exists inside geometric forms. Be they complex or simple the aspects and varieties are enormous.

But in order to understand the principles of Geo language we firstly need to get to understand some of its basic principles.

So lets take the spoken word! Here we find letters which are a form of geometric art in a sequence thus forming a word. The result of the word is the combination influence of each geo letter form, each with its own energy harmonic tone, combined to form a word it creates a unique sound tone that has an effect. Now if I were to take a simple word and combine it into a geometric shape thus as in diagram 1. we would just see that and nothing else because we would not know about the letters which form a word that creates it.


Each letter is a sound shape so we respond according to its impact on our sense. This therefore means it has to have an energy otherwise we would not respond.

The word should be spelt ( futuretron) the sound collective is the same is the misspelt one. And yet we can see that each letters geometry or shape has an impact.

Much like all languages have a different art form, Japanese, Chinese, english,arabic etc etc. The interesting thing here is that the sounds are all the same regarding letters.

The point we are trying to make is that ‘WORDS HAVE THE ABILITY TO COMPEL MATTER INTO FORM’ Thus geometric shape is the influence that makes it all happen. And you do not have to speak them to get an effect, you can just think them and have the same result!

In a crop pattern we find geometric forms in any number of examples, the interesting thing to note here is that the line drawing of a design on a piece of paper has the same effect as the real thing. And yet it is just a drawing so where does the line drawing obtain its power from?

The answer is the same as the Letters we use. It is the geometric shape itself, when we see them that is the power, so that would mean that the designs of crop patterns are a language that is understandable by our own human minds. Otherwise they would have no effect on us whatsoever!

Much like our own thoughts when we say no we mean it! When we say yes we mean it, but what you may not know is that the source of the energy that creates the result is our own mind energy formed from the letter combinations of our own thoughts which are unspoken word combinations. In other words a language that the human mind can and does interpret.

I remember once I was asked to channell Zarlen for the Japanese at a conference on Crete. During the experience where Darryl Anka and Shawn Randall were with us we found that Zarlen would reply to the Japanese before the interpreter had translated the question from Japanese into English. (Author note: Dr Sherwood does not speak Japanese) . The reason this was possible was that universal geo language is in all of us and exists in the brain. Connect to it and immediate understanding of the person is attained.

 But this goes much further than that!

Geo language is complex to the point of simpicity and has to be universal otherwise it would not exist. This means that geo energy is a system more diverse than mathematics ever could be!

As an example of this look at the numbers following: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

When you look at the numbers you get one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine.

Each number is a sequence of letters combined that provides the number with its power! Whenever letter geo shapes are used you will find geo energy at work. Language variations is not a factor as all languages use letters in one form or another.

So! why then do line drawings of crop patterns have an effect.

Crystals suffer a change in their internal structure if sat on a line drawing of a crop pattern overnight same effect as a photograph of one.

Again its the geo language at work in the shape of the pattern. Geo energy exists in all shapes no matter how large or small.

The universe after all is made up of all this!

Density is the answer in all cases of geo energy no matter how small or large the variations are there. In the universe we find galaxies and stars that radiate geo energy as a dynamic force which we can see but there are forces at work that we cannot see that are far more powerful and control all life on earth as well as all elements at the atomic level.

Time is relative. We live a linear existence and yet geo energy is not linear! Time we make linear to suit ourselves and yet again the universe exists through the existence of the geo energy factor. Black holes are a result of the energy passing and creating a spin in the geo energy state thus creating a rift between one dimension and the next thus all light matter etc seems to pass into it but in reality it does not, it goes into it converting to geo energy as it passes through thus generating a constant stream of energy as it recycles if you wish to use the term. (Perpetual energy cycle)

Crop circles as a geo form have the ability to manifest knowledge of this principle in further studies.

Geometric energy is the understanding that any geometric shape has energy and magnifies or influences the natural flow and the affects it can have on us. We take for granted many aspects of this system and yet solutions for any number of ailments etc can be found from examples of other peoples experiences.

Much as sunlight can be magnified in its intensity by using a magnifying lens so to geometric shape has the same effect on the natural flow energies that cover our planet. Lines or force called grid lines with cross points.

Now here is a thought if this system does not exist then why after the data was released in a book initially by Bruce Cathie did military forces in Russia and the USA relocate many of their military bases and strategic sites to cross points. Unusual yes but evidence that they knew the system was there. Why even ancient sites are located on these energy cross points.

Having had in the past a high security military clearance myself and one in which I am still bound by I know what they know and signed papers to keep quiet about certain issues which I still have to do.

But other areas of study can be covered like some of these areas which were not so classified.

One of the reasons the military is so interested in the geometric shapes and energies surrounding the patterns is due to data they have about alien contact relative to the designs meanings and language. Yes I did say language. Just like our own letters each geometric shape has a meaning. However it is more along the lines of how chinese is interpreted as collective shapes rather than just single letters.

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