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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


Evidence regarding the crop circle phenomena encases many aspects.

1. Evidence of molecular effects on both the plants themselves and also the seeds. Re-growth is also affected by crop circle affected seed.

2. Geometric shape analysis show that individual shapes affect different samples of both soil and rock on a crystalline level. The crystal structure of rock when exposed to a crop circle design does change in its crystal property. This changes according to the design that the sample is exposed to.

3. Crop circle designs can be recreated using a physics experiment using tones x2 as long as the 2 tones are compatible pairs. Not all tones are classified as compatible pairs.

4. Unusual lights have been recorded during the formation of a crop circle pattern in many places and some of these lights have been caught on film.

5. Crop circles have appeared in Rape seed ( Canola), Snow, Trees, Rice paddies where 22,000 gallons of water disappears in a matter of seconds. (witnessed event in Japan!) Desert sand, (Australia,) Near the pyramids.( Egypt)

6. Man made crop patterns are also common but have different dynamic structures in that they do not have the same energy imprint nor are they strong in magnetic deviation like an original one is.

7. It is also common that crop circles do affect the earths magnetic field. Magnetometers can measure the scale of the effect as far away as 1/4 mile or more in some cases..

8. Certain designs have other information within the design. This varies from certain events to come and also changes taking place now to the future eruption of sunspots. It is also worth noting here that the same influence that affects the sun and makes it go through an 11 year cycle from low to high to low again is also evident in the crop circle patterns styles and occurrences.

9. Crop circles can affect certain elements on the atomic level as well as have beneficial healing effects and also can affect genetics but this has only ever had a positive effect.

10. The energy that crop circles are a part of is called vortex oscillation. It expands like a cone upwards until it meets with the energy grid around the planet. (Please note: All planets have an energy grid just as the universe has a grid pattern which all things are part of. This is why the solar system has a specific flat spin and that only slight oscillation of the orbits of certain planets takes place. This is also why Galaxies have the flat spin pinwheel effect with a bulb type of appearance in the center. Other types of galaxies are globular clusters which have their own circular grid system but even that is still part of the flat universal grid system This universal grid is circular but is so massive you do not see it as such.

11. Crop patterns have appeared and then been destroyed by the farmers tractor only to be replaced over the top of the old one the next day by a whole new design. And there is no sign of the damage from the tractor from the day before!

12. The energy field in and around a crop circle pattern has its own energy field due to the dynamics of the design IE: geometric shape. This dictates what is happening in and around the pattern. The energy field of any design is limited to a specified distance of expansion but can be mistaken to have an influence over vast distances only because of its link to the energy of the planets grid system.

13. More later!


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