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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


Report date 24th April 2003.

So  there are those who say they make or have made crop patterns. SO WHAT!

Humans have copied natural aspects of nature for many generations from aircraft design through watching birds fly to fish in the ocean to the creation of aquatic fins etc.

Just because humanity has the ability to copy things does not prove anything except they can do it. The fact remains that nature has ways of throwing us curve balls that we cannot duplicate or have answers to.

We know for instance that geometric shape of any kind has the ability to create its own unique dynamic energy. Take the pyramid shape as an example. We also know that if you place crystals onto a variety of designs in controlled conditions then the structure on a molecular level changes and is influenced by the shape it is in contact with. Those experiments were done at Tokyo uni.

One has to wonder that with the crop circles as an example, there is obviously a higher purpose here. If geometric shape creates its own dynamic energy and we as humans are influenced by those shapes then our own geometric shapes, say of structures we build, will and do have as yet unknown influences on our lives and health.

I personally think it is time to take notice of the fact that these patterns no matter where or how they get there are attempts at getting us to notice the very fact that geometric shape of any kind does have both negative and positive influences and we seriously need to study this subject further and not get tied down by WHO CAN DO WHAT! There is a far more serious side to all of this in that we need to understand geometric influence and the energies it can and does create.!

Over the past 25 years DR Sherwood has done precisely that and now knows what those dangers are!

As for the messages in the patterns of the Crop Formations it is not so much what the pattern may represent or how complex the design may be mathematically, but rather what the geometric shapes influences are and how we can learn to control forces we have yet to recognize that exist within them!

Naturally formed vortex energies can be created by geometric designs simply by internal dynamic design of the shape itself. This has a specific effect which can be both beneficial and can if required be absolutely catastrophic! (Please note that most crop patterns are basic formulas and safe to enter but some may feel uncomfortable due to their frequency generated which may be higher than your own which in this case may cause you discomfort. if that happens leave and find another pattern.)

For example imagine this! Being influenced by tidal forces so powerful that you are totally torn apart from within with such force that any atomic explosion would be tame in comparison. Then this same force can be focused to such a degree that it is delicate enough to travel across the surface of a flower petal and not injure the petal whatsoever!

Two dynamic opposites so powerful and yet so diverse! All controlled by the creation of dynamic geometric shape.

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