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Enter the proof

Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


And so the argument about hoaxing is not one of debate any longer. The fact is that just because humans can duplicate some designs does not mean they do them all. That would be as bad as saying just because we can clone sheep we created all genetics!!!

And we all know that is ridiculous!!

It is human arrogance that requires self recognition and in the case of the Crop Circles there are many instances whereby government as well as just plain out local folk desperately try to cover up truth and fear natural occurring events because they have no control of them.

Just because a few folk create designs to see what the effect on people is proves nothing except that geometric shape carries an energy signature of its own created by the dynamics of the geometry itself. This in turn can and does also affect the magnetic field in the local area because the design is tapping into the same energy system that the magnetic field uses. Dynamic geometry is the understanding of energy relative to structural shape. The angles of the designs like any object accesses this universal energy and amplifies it through its own shape and size. The pyramids in Egypt are one example of this. Others include, ancient Totems, Quartz Crystal structures like the Crystal Skulls, ancient alchemical principles such as the correct combination of angles in a structure that has a healing effect, to ancient temples along the Nile in Egypt and the Ganges is India.

So the simple answer is that people do not create all crop patterns that appear as they have been arriving in India as an example for the past 100 years or more!

So where does this leave us?

Complexity breeds simplicity! We just have to learn how to look at it!


Until just recently much of what happened behind the scenes was kept a closely guarded secret amongst the so called hoaxing fraternity. However as is always the case infiltration of these groups can and has occurred to glean information as to their weird anomalies like the following:

1. In many cases when they make mistakes or errors in what they are planning when they attempt it. During the hours of darkness, they do make many errors but when dawn comes and they look at their handiwork there is no sign of the errors that they made during the night??????

This means that patterns have not only self corrected with no sign of the correction but also no sign of any prior damage from the errors??

Even entire patterns replace themselves with a completely new design by morning over what had been done!

2. Loss of time and even hours of time distortion occurs in many cases.

There is more but I am sure you get the picture!

This side of the crop circle phenomena has not been reported but definitely does occur!!

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