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Energy & Design

Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


As we embark into another year and another crop circle season we ask ourselves about the possibility of alien energy forming these intricate patterns. Granted some of them are man made inventions but there is also another aspect that many researcher have overlooked and we are about to present the information here for the very first time.


Shape and design are an intricate part of our own universe. As we develop in technology and become more aware and knowledgeable with areas like nano technology and binary molecular bonding we will be entering an area that is intriguing indeed for it is these areas that will allow us to travel to the stars using anti gravity and other types of drive units using new and more robust materials.

Being able to combine a new language with operational binary elements such as separate partial equipment phasing will be an interesting one. It involves the use of different individual parts of say an operating unit that will only activate when it is in the range of a master energy field which is composed of an energy that has instructional language at its base. But also each piece is dependent on another for the complete program to work thus making the unit operational as each element is part of that program. Using symbolic language gives unparalleled opportunities in any number of ways.

Firstly it will let one incorporate shape in a sequence. This area is where the shape of a simple symbol can draw on an energy to make itself work.  In line with the element that the unit is also made from can and would accelerate the process as well as its own dynamic shape. Each piece would as they merged create another part of the program which in turn would then make the next piece compatible. Of course all of this would only occur as long as the section where within the main energy field program system otherwise they are just separate inert piece.

Crop patterns are similar in that each piece is part of a program. If things like say alien drones are about and have the ability to interact with those who are being manipulated to do certain design without their own knowing of why then it becomes feasible to say that they are a type of drone in themselves a piece to a greater interacting machine and no matter whether it has synthetic of biologic components the result is the same one part needs another in order to work.

more to come!


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