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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


Design programming is the art of using a symbolic language using designs like the crop patterns to incorporate into action or command programming. This is very complex and basically works like the following.

AVEBURY This is a combination of STYLE1language1alanguage1c each part is separate and yet has its own inner program of energy relative to its shape. So as each part is brought together it forms a specific program that is the result of the combination which is the whole design. So in this case there are 7 parts making up the program design for this pattern thus the whole thing makes up the 8th element which is the design itself.

Now taking one piece at a time we find that if we look at the inner elements we make a startling discovery.

Within a simple circle there are 360+ elements making it up each an angle within itself as well as a shape and variety of shapes. If we were going to use any shape as a base unit this would have to be it as it has all other shapes within it so we shall treat it as the master design for now. Seems logical anyway as all element shapes in the universe are circular in design. Solar systems, planets, etc etc.

Ok I am not going to get too much into all this but here are some facts to consider.


This is a fin of a ceramic dynamic scan probe used as a genetic imprinter for research it is primarily used to scan life forms genetic structure and surveillance of subjects. It uses a modulated shape geo program using dynamic energy compiled by a process of atomic geometric shape algorithms. The program is made of of multiple modules so it has continuous energy supply unless the main conversion system is halted then the whole thing false apart. Each section is part of the unit and the program that makes it up. How do I know all this? Let’s just say I have friends in High Places!

USMadisonville9-Fold The symbol is 4 point energy. 4 d energy system used to power systems in any 3d space. Plus it is the same symbol as underneath the fin of the item above.

Crop patterns are geo-symbol programing units that have the ability to be used in 2 ways.

1. To identify a problem through what you would call a diagnostic system the result is a symbol of energy that has a program within it. The condition of the symbol reports the results.

Alien in origin some crop patterns are man made through telepathic inflection, as it is the genetic condition report that may be required after changes to the energy grid which surrounds this planet.

Specific people are chosen and like any desire it is easy to get them to do it through this process but many are not man made even though they may look like it. That is a great way to keep to much attention away from what is going on.

Military establishments have known about these facts for some years now.

In order to understand the program you need access to the code call it a zebra code so it has a name we all can ID!

If you want to know more then hop over to the forum and lets discuss it. Time we came out of the cupboard anyhow!

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