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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


Here we have been looking at the effects of crop circles spinning and in single form as well as clusters. More on the clusters later.

Here are some singles for you to view.

These are simple examples.

[Crop circles]

We know from work done that helix and vortex forms spin at various speeds so it makes sense that if a geometric form is at the base of these forces then they must spin also.

Dynamically when we do this the simple line drawings come to life. As simple line drawings of original crop circles this is fairly simple and has no specific effect except to see what happens and thus gives one the ability to see the diagram active. However having said this when we group certain patterns together on specific combinations in clusters we get an entirely different process and effect.

From data received we also know that a anti gravity field can be generated from this complex combination through the geometric forms ability to harness the universal force that exists and create a pulse. Thus forming a field of anti gravity energy around the object using it.

A similar energetic field can also be produced from other combinations once the technology is developed to harness it.

More on this area is to come soon.

Watch this space!

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