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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


In 1994 in Seattle USA Colin Andrews approached DR Sherwood to see if he was interested in doing research on the crop circles. The work began in the season of 1995 and has been ongoing every since.

Now for the first time a conclusion study report is complete and entered here for you to view!

The conclusion is as follows:

Study has shown that in some cases there are patterns (though very mundane and obvious!) that are made by man (human hand!)

However the percentage of these is very small at around 1% of all that have appeared to date! That we have researched out of some 1500 patterns looked at! This however only answers part of the equation of ‘How do they get there?’ The answer is very simple “In two ways!’

Firstly there are the naturally formed ones and then there are the synthetically formed ones done by others to emulate the naturally formed ones. This is common in humanity as it constantly attempts to duplicate nature in order to feel like they have or are in control, but this does not prove anything except that humanity can duplicate the patterns that form naturally. Much like humanities duplication of flight, both in the air and underwater. Copied from birds or fish! Then there are the construction methods mostly learned from natures way of construction as well as many other examples!

When we say naturally forming we mean exactly that!

There are cases of plants being affected by the pattern but this is due to the geometric influence of shape and design in some cases and in others radiant energy is evident. This is also connected to the orbs that have been seen and photographed over fields that contain crop patterns. Energy orbs have been seen all over for decades and are a naturally formed energy that floats across the surface of our planet. This however has also been copied but not by our present scientific knowledge but a little more into our future! There are cases many in fact that the same orbs are sighted by craft that have been sighted by military as well as civilian personnel. So a connection can be made to both of these occurrences. The reason we say in the future is because these craft according to some have been identified from our own future. Then there is the side of the alien connection! This is a different story but it does connect to this scenario and there are governments around the globe who have these contacts and have had them for a considerable amount of time.

The plant influence scenario is on a genetic level which points to a more natural forming energy that exists in nature.

This result would also point to human mental intervention as many people have thought of a specific design and it has appeared in a field a few days later. In some cases the following day!

Plant effect can also be attributed to geometric shaped dynamic effect. This is similar to experiments done on shapes such as the pyramid where results showed that the objects that were placed inside were affected significantly by the energy formed within. To date we have tested some 28 different pyramidal shapes (Varying angles from base to apex relative to height!) each having a different effect and use!

This is a new area of scientific research and does require further study!

People being medically affected by stepping into various patterns are also significant as this shows us that human genetic genome structure can be affected by this same geometric dynamic energy in a harmonious way. There are also other reports that some people felt uncomfortable in certain patterns and this result would also fit this scenario as their body metabolism is obviously being affected in an inharmonious way causing discomfort!

On a more practical note!

It has been shown that crystalline structure can be affected and changed by the influence of geometric shapes of these patterns with some amazing effects. Also we must note here that when combinations of patterns are grouped in specific sequences of 8 or 16 they have significant effects on the health of humans who carry these combinations on their person. These same combinations affect plant life, animals and other life elements! Even the properties of chemicals and other elements!

This also points us to conclude that the patterns are part of a binary sequence that is naturally forming but are  connected to the human genome in a very unique way! There is obviously an energy link that is natural both in humans and nature and this energy can be manipulated by using specific geometric shapes to create a specific result.

This is obvious by the way the patterns can hold people in awe and affect them to the point of making humans react in different energetic ways. One such example of this is the reaction response or sensations that people get when they encounter a pattern. This makes the individual feel a part of themselves that they would not normally be communicating with. And that is the key to the whole crop circle phenomena. communication both of humanity and its connectivity to the natural environment!

Soil samples and plant samples have shown significant effects but our interest is not on effect but rather on cause.

The result of this question is that humanity is the cause of the patterns but not in a human man made way but rather in a mental energy way that needs further study. This is almost like mother nature saying ‘Hey! You need to get back in touch with yourself and then help me out’!

Our conclusion therefore is that the crop circle patterns are a cry for help from both the planet and your inner humanity!

We live in what we would call a fast breeding synthetic world where computers are thinking more for us so we think less. The demands of modern day are creeping into our very existence and unless humanity gets back in touch with its inner reality we will be in serious trouble as we are not taking care of our planet or ourselves the way we should!

It is fast coming to a time when we need to stop and take one step back and take a breathe! Pause for a moment and see what we are doing and how we are reacting to everyday occurrences.

Present day humanity is living now in the dark passages of time where we cannot see what is taking place around us and terrorism is to blame for most of that reaction.

Time to step back into the light and look around.

You cannot see what is coming when you are in the dark so you do not have time to make changes to stay well and safe.

Step into the light again and you can see what is around you and have time to make changes for the better!

Worth considering!!

Update!!! 15th June 2003

Very shortly we will be placing an analysis page showing diagrams of how the energy lays the crop plus other data as well as how the diagrams influence people..

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