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Card effects

Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


Line drawing card effects research involves the use of line drawings of crop patterns on a small card in a group sequence of 8 or 16 clusters. This has shown to have a remarkable effect on people just from carrying them on their person.

Influences varied from improvement of health to better concentration to healing of ailments and improved memory ability.


The first step in developing these is firstly you need to draw the pattern as closely as possible to the original. Preferably trace it as an overhead that way any discrepancies are included.) Obviously the more precise the better. The effects reduce as the drawing reduces in its precision.

Once done you then need to correlate different patterns relative to their harmonious influence. In other words the energy that each pattern has (creates) from its own internal geometric shape.

This can be done by taking firstly the day it appeared and working out the mathematical formula to find the harmonic energy for the day in question.

An example of this is if we take as an example 5th June 2002 we convert it to a 3 digit phase. 564

5 is the day

6 is the month and 4 is the 2002 added as individual digits.

Thus 564 is attained.

Then we need to workout the designs harmonic energy to match .

This is done by the following principle.

Take the height of the crop.

The width and depth.

So for arguments sake lets create a hypothetical one.

Height of crop 4.6

Width of pattern in a circle is ascertained from the radius to the edge. say 166

The the diameter which is obviously 166 x 2. = 332

Then take each measurement 4.6 \12=.3833333333



This gives us the 2 energy influences at the varying areas of the geometric shape.

We have however to work out the overall energy combination that all that creates as a whole.

This is done by the following:

Take the 4.6+166+332 =502.6\12=41.88333333333

As you can see the predominant energy here is the one represented by the .88333333333333

The strength of the design is referenced before the comma which in this case is the 41.

The higher the stronger the influence.

In the cluster of 8 cards you need to have a grouping of  3 patterns which are .33333333

3 patterns which are .6666666666

And 2 patterns which are .00 or an integer.

This combination is important for the following reasons.

Firstly the two energies are .33333 and .66666 The integer acts as a separator or isolator to stop the other 2 colliding and canceling each other out.

Now you might ask why do we use this formula. Well it was initially developed in Egypt in 1992 December during an experiment where we used sound tones to watch effects. These were calculated from this very mathematical system. We also applied the method to the 3 chambers in the pyramid using height width and depth of each and found that each chamber had the following:


Queens = 333333

Lower chamber = 00 or integer.

One inch out in any of them and this would not have worked!


So you see here we had a formula that worked the results were:

Blown bulbs throughout the pyramid itself (Cheops)

Sounds of blocks moving within the walls.

Outside the surface of the stones became so hot people had to get off them.

And a survey team from France who were surveying the East face had placed 5 survey metal tags one per level from the ground up. 3 of them had moved 3 feet to the south.

Those tags were put in place the day before!!

Results basically speak for themselves!

If we consider that these same forces exist within the geometric designs of crop patterns then we are looking at energy produced from geometric shape which can influence anything that either enters, comes into contact with or is already within the design.

The contact with: quote!.. is relevant to the image such as pictures or line drawings.

This therefore points to the possibility that the energy is still present so the shape is playing a major part in the overall effect!

More coming soon on the 16 group layout!.


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