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Spiral forms

Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


Here for the first time is a flash demonstration of how a spiral vortex forms and the resulting geometric pattern and how it appears at the base of the helix form.

The first sequence is an emission of compatible tone sounds at a frequency level beyond human hearing and at a level not recognized by our technology yet.

The combining of these two tones creates a third result which is the energy that forms the helix pattern itself. This helix forms like a spinning vortex which rises in stages. In this demonstration we are using a 4 stage helix which means there are 4 parts to its formation. The end result is the central circle with the three arms and the 4 circles in each arm.  The tones emitted on each side have 2 tones each so 4 tones are used that are compatible. A compatible tone is one that has a combination of tones making up its structure. As you can imagine the combinations are great as to which ones are the compatible ones and to what combination of tones and how many can be used per side.

The arms position is itself influenced by the rotational force of the helix which will always spin in a clockwise formation thus pulling the arms around as they form. This sequence has been slowed down so as to help with the explanation but the entire event can in most cases occur in a matter of a couple of seconds from start to finish.

The reason for the clockwise rotation is the opposing rotation of the planet in the northern hemisphere.. Dynamic force is affected by rotation and varies from north to south of the central equator. The planet does not change in the way it moves but the dynamic force in the makeup of the magnetic lines or force as well as the air dynamics are part of the mystery.

A good example of this force at work are the weather patterns rotations and how they differ from north to south.

The type of frequencies required to form a 4 stage helix such as this could not be naturally formed on this planet it would have to be synthetically produced.


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