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Crop Circle Explorer Blog

Crop patterns an analytical program language

October 20th, 2008

Crop patterns or crop circles as many know them are in actuality analytical program designs used in analysing conditions in various elements and multiple conditions on the planet from human dna health and current state to soil conditions and atmospheric conditions of pollutants present. Water condition both of a salt mineral nature to fresh water condition. Aquafer conditions on water tables to plant and animal conditions.

So how does all this work and who is doing it.

Well some might be man made but the others are all advanced alien intelligence that is responsible for the existence not only of the human race but also many other current conditions that were created on this planet.

Now this might seem hard to accept but thats it in a nut shell.

Religious beliefs asside we are all made of genetic compositions created by intelligent life outside of this planet!

Now whether you wish to believe this all or not is irrelevent as there will be those that like to stick their heads in the sand like an ostrich but thats the way some are its easier to hide from truth than accept it.

The universe is a huge place and there are thousands of different life forms out there so wake up folks its time to smell the roses and open your eyes to the fact that we are not only being visited and the governments know it but also that we are being directed to a better future time.

In 2009 patterns will emerge that are not man made ad the evidence will be obvious and also impossible to do by hand. As many man made egoists try to get in the way in UK specific patterns will appear away from human habitation in areas and at a size that is not feesible by hand and witnessed by some to happen.

As for Uk well lets just say 2009 season will be a wake up call to the local population as well as governement types as well as those who think they know whats what.

Me personally I will be here to watch the fun and see who shouts first!

Crop Circle Mandala wheels

September 23rd, 2008

Over the years we have been researching combinations of patterns that in a line drawing state have some remarkable effects in combinations of 8 in a group. Now we have incorporated them into Mandala wheels like the one beow as an example. All the designs are copyrighted so only available from us.

I would like to mention here that you cannot just take any 8 patterns and bunch them together as the results would not be known as well as many do not do anything.

We are the only research organization who has accurately worked on these pattern groups so if anyone else says they are doing it they are not as we are the only ones reporting on the discovery.

Have a look here!

Crop circles and UFO’s

September 16th, 2008

So who said crop circles were all man made.

Sorry to dissappoint. As they appear all over the world in all sorts of mediums it is just plain out impossible for a set group of folks to get across the planet in such a short time span so if they want to feed egos fine but it does not stop the phenomena and just shows humanity is still not getting it.

The crop circles have been around way longer than any hoaxer so there is evidence that they are a naturally formed phenomena as far as an alien interaction is concerned.

But there is more to all this. Military helicopters fly about chasing round orbs of light as the objects flash across the landscape and also people have been thrown out of fields by so called military types in white coats or black suits. So who said nothing weird was going on.

What many don’t know and the british public have been brain washed into a mentality that the crop circles are all man made. Time out! No they are not and the reason is simple. There is not a surveyor worth his salt who would say they could do certain designs in darkness and allow for rise and fall of landscape and topography to make the geometry perfect from the air.

Sure there are blokes waltzing about strutting saying they did it but that’s easy to say but not easy to do!

Some patterns are man made sure the obvious types but something weird is also going on otherwise how could a design appear that was focused on by a group of individuals who did not say a word about the design they were thinking about and yet that pattern appears the following day.

Telepathic thought is possible yes and if you believe that there are telepathic aliens out there who could get those thoughts and say “ok lets do that one!” Then fine advanced intelligence is a very strong possibility.

So what do you want to believe.

I have personally seen letters of authority which showed USA governemnt interaction with alien races in exchange for technology and that goes way back to the late 1940’s. So what comes next!

People will always take denial as its the easy answer rather than think about something that may challenge their beliefs about life and soul and god etc…

But unfortunately humanity will have to one day say ok there is life beyond ours and so we are not alone!

Crop circle wheel calendar for 2009

September 9th, 2008

This is a new addition to what we do.

The calendar is a special development and has many sides to what it can do for more details why not have a look here

And order your special calendar today for 2009.

Crop circles as an educational tool

September 5th, 2008

If we were to say that crop circles were here as an educational tool to take humanity to a higher level of understanding of sacred geometry and energy dynamics in shape and form what could we learn.

Well firstly even if they are 50% man made so what bet most of those boys know nothing of energy harmonics and the dynamic energy constant of the universe and theorems of particle matter in shape.

So what or where should we start in studying the patterns themselves.

Like all things at the beginning is always a good place to start but the beginning in this equation is not as simple as it sounds.

For instance particles of matter that have their own shape and form also harness their own energy signature from the universe itself. A dynamic force that exists everywhere and those particles of matter know exactly how to harness it through the art of geometric manipulation in shape so they hold themsleves in specific forms to maintain that force as a constant.

If the shape is the key then the scale of design must be varied relative to the energy you are trying to harness.

So the simpler the shape the lower the force the more complex the shape the higher the force.

MUch like a small magnifying glass can do a certain amount a larger one can do more so size also matters.

We observe molecules and atoms and protons and neutrons and particles of matter and never consider for one moment why they are the shape they are!

There is a good place to start!

Research on shape dynamics

September 5th, 2008

Well after many years of researching shape and form and the secret as to how shape harnesses a specific type of energy, and we then look at architecture as an example, we find that in many cases the shape chosen for specific types of buildings from hospitals to office blocks to libraries are all wrong.

Is it any wonder super bugs are a problem in hospitals when the shape of the buildings creates an energy internally that is not harmonious to health and healing, while others make folks sick when inside to nausea being felt when you enter a building. The energy in any geometric shape magnifies that energy it harnesses and so we find people being influenced by the buildings they work and breath in. And no one seems to know anything about all of this!

That is except us!


If words which are combinations of shapes can have dramatic effects on crystal structure or water molecules as shown in work such as Dr Emoto does then what about the shape of structures and their effects and influences..

We here at Rajon have known for years that letters formed into words are power and can change elements in shape and form. So geometric shape has a far more reaching effect.

Here is something to ponder on. Spinning patterns

September 5th, 2008

Here you can see crop circles in a spinning form here.

The reason we do this with the designs is to reveal hidden shapes which also leads us to hidden codes within the design. The rate of rotation is also important as too fast and it gives the wrong impression too slow does the same thing and each design spins differently so we have to find the pattern for each which does take some time to do.

This one arrived in a small time slot.

September 5th, 2008

east field 08

This showed up between 4.30am and 5.30am due to witnesses sitting next to the field. Someone even walked through the field around 5am and it was not there and had some remarkable lay forms.

Patterns from 2008

September 5th, 2008

Milk hill

This one arrived 8/8/08 below Milk Hill 08.

east field 08

This one appeared at the last minute in the East field just before the harvesters turned up.

Olivers castle this one also was late in the season. Checked it in a light rain which was the norm this season weather was not very good this summer.

Crop circles of 2008

September 3rd, 2008

We have seen the end of another season and busy as usual. Many patterns were visited by foks and the number of people looking has risen sharply over the past couple of years. Many who used to be a part of the crop circles and left are back and new people are discovering the designs all the time.

Some farmers as usual make it difficult to research designs by either destroying their own fields so folks cannot see the design or they just stop folks getting in. The right to roam anywhere in UK is a right and as long as the farmers livelyhood is considered I personally do not see a problem. I did however as normal and maybe even more so this year than any other see many people not take the farmers feelings and crop into consideration by just marching across the field and not following the tramlines that run through all of the fields. The tramlines by the way are the tractor tracks that are created by the farmer to allow him to spray of travel through the field.

So as usual there we a few who just did not get the message.


As for the patterns this year they were many and varied and showed signs of man made form but we have to say that even this is no longer a conclusive analysis of the patterns as even originals are taking on the characteristics of man made designs just to make many feel ore comfortable so care is taken in many areas these days when researching the patterns.

We look for other signs now that man made ones could not possibly have and only we know what they are. No point in spreading a secret we have found is there. Otherwise humanity tries to mimick it..

Meantime the work continues regarding the influence and design mechanics of the patterns. We are about to load some experiments with chladni plates for people to view and help you to better understand shape, design and sound as well as harmonic ranges, and their effects forming patterns.

More to come on that later. Watch this space for more on this.