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2009 Crop Circle season has begun!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

The season has begun with several new designs appearing in rapeseed in Wiltshire, UK. The first reported on the 14th of April at the Ridgeway, near Averbury.  The first two photos courtesy and copyright of Lucy Pringle.

Image Lucy Pringle copyright 2009

Followed by another reported at West Kennet Longbarrow, near Avebury on the 19th of April.

Image Lucy Pringle copyright 2009

The third formation of the season was reported again near Averbury at Rutlands Farm on the 23rd of April.

Being quite a busy start to the season another formation was reported on the 24th at Morgan’s Hill, this time near Devizes!

And yet a 5th formation reported on the 25th of April at Liddington Castle Fort, near Chiseldon.

Picture coming soon….

So we see a very active April and beginning to the 2009 crop circle season!

Sad news of the passing of Paul Vigay

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Paul Vigays body was found washed ashore at Southsea, Portsmouth, Uk on Friday the 20th of February, 2009, not far from his home. He was reported missing at 11pm the evening before. Little is known as to the circumstances surrounding his death.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to Louie and Pauls family at this very sad time. This news comes as such a shock to all who knew him.

Paul was a long time researcher of cop circles and the paranormal and has been a friend to myself and my late husband, Dr Jonathan Sherwood, since we first met him in a crop circle opposite stonehenge in 1996.

Paul was a friendly face right from the start, full of boyish charm for all the mysteries to be explored with his wonderfull bag of gadgets. He had always been a good friend to us both, a kind, generous, and genuine person who always had a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.

I remember some five or so years ago when my husband was experimenting with vortex energy and created a small scale grid network; it was fascinating that Paul was able to map it out with his electronic gadgets. He really was quite a remarkable, clever, and intelligent person. He was a unique individual within the crop circle community and will be sadly missed.

Rachel Sherwood & family.


There is a book of condolences on Pauls website

And a article from the Drobe

Also a nice tribute from Colin Andrews and others at his website

In addition:

With so much saddness I decided to include the following link as it gave me a laugh and put a smile on my face. I was prowling through Pauls website and came across his researchers page filled with biographies - if you scoll down or work you way down to the bottom of the page to Pauls biography you will see what I mean, to get the full experience read his bio!

Crop patterns an analytical program language

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Crop patterns or crop circles as many know them are in actuality analytical program designs used in analysing conditions in various elements and multiple conditions on the planet from human dna health and current state to soil conditions and atmospheric conditions of pollutants present. Water condition both of a salt mineral nature to fresh water condition. Aquafer conditions on water tables to plant and animal conditions.

So how does all this work and who is doing it.

Well some might be man made but the others are all advanced alien intelligence that is responsible for the existence not only of the human race but also many other current conditions that were created on this planet.

Now this might seem hard to accept but thats it in a nut shell.

Religious beliefs asside we are all made of genetic compositions created by intelligent life outside of this planet!

Now whether you wish to believe this all or not is irrelevent as there will be those that like to stick their heads in the sand like an ostrich but thats the way some are its easier to hide from truth than accept it.

The universe is a huge place and there are thousands of different life forms out there so wake up folks its time to smell the roses and open your eyes to the fact that we are not only being visited and the governments know it but also that we are being directed to a better future time.

In 2009 patterns will emerge that are not man made ad the evidence will be obvious and also impossible to do by hand. As many man made egoists try to get in the way in UK specific patterns will appear away from human habitation in areas and at a size that is not feesible by hand and witnessed by some to happen.

As for Uk well lets just say 2009 season will be a wake up call to the local population as well as governement types as well as those who think they know whats what.

Me personally I will be here to watch the fun and see who shouts first!

Crop Circle Mandala wheels

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Over the years we have been researching combinations of patterns that in a line drawing state have some remarkable effects in combinations of 8 in a group. Now we have incorporated them into Mandala wheels like the one beow as an example. All the designs are copyrighted so only available from us.

I would like to mention here that you cannot just take any 8 patterns and bunch them together as the results would not be known as well as many do not do anything.

We are the only research organization who has accurately worked on these pattern groups so if anyone else says they are doing it they are not as we are the only ones reporting on the discovery.

Have a look here!

Crop circles and UFO’s

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

So who said crop circles were all man made.

Sorry to dissappoint. As they appear all over the world in all sorts of mediums it is just plain out impossible for a set group of folks to get across the planet in such a short time span so if they want to feed egos fine but it does not stop the phenomena and just shows humanity is still not getting it.

The crop circles have been around way longer than any hoaxer so there is evidence that they are a naturally formed phenomena as far as an alien interaction is concerned.

But there is more to all this. Military helicopters fly about chasing round orbs of light as the objects flash across the landscape and also people have been thrown out of fields by so called military types in white coats or black suits. So who said nothing weird was going on.

What many don’t know and the british public have been brain washed into a mentality that the crop circles are all man made. Time out! No they are not and the reason is simple. There is not a surveyor worth his salt who would say they could do certain designs in darkness and allow for rise and fall of landscape and topography to make the geometry perfect from the air.

Sure there are blokes waltzing about strutting saying they did it but that’s easy to say but not easy to do!

Some patterns are man made sure the obvious types but something weird is also going on otherwise how could a design appear that was focused on by a group of individuals who did not say a word about the design they were thinking about and yet that pattern appears the following day.

Telepathic thought is possible yes and if you believe that there are telepathic aliens out there who could get those thoughts and say “ok lets do that one!” Then fine advanced intelligence is a very strong possibility.

So what do you want to believe.

I have personally seen letters of authority which showed USA governemnt interaction with alien races in exchange for technology and that goes way back to the late 1940’s. So what comes next!

People will always take denial as its the easy answer rather than think about something that may challenge their beliefs about life and soul and god etc…

But unfortunately humanity will have to one day say ok there is life beyond ours and so we are not alone!